Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Smiley Face

Here you go readers; I got the idea for this the other day after doing some serious playing around in my sketchbook... It makes for a rather cheeky smiley face, it's the cheeky chap in me that drove me to draw this. Reet I need a brew, possibly a cold shower...

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Images 35

Well I've just unwrapped and had a quick flick through the new Images 35 book, I have my "Dining Out" image in there. But flicking through it there's some great work in there by Andy Smith and Simon Spilsbury, Andy Potts and other great illustrators. I only wish I'd been able to go to the private view evening last week.

Saturday, 27 August 2011


This morning I've finished reading "Blood Knots" by Luke Jennings which was a fantastic read in my book about friendship and fishing I loved it. I'm now on with reading the Bear Grylls biography the inner me looking for adventure has spoken I guess. Now where is my pen its doodle time...

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Snippet Of Romance

The other night I watched "To Hull And Back" a classic Only Fools and Horses episode; I'd not seen it in years but it still made me chuckle and I'd not seen an episode with Del Boy in a long while so it felt fun. Yesterday I went for a wander around York and browsed some of the second hand bookshops. I did get myself a another book on cycling to digest; but before I read that one I'm gonna digest "Blood Knots" by Luke Jennings a book on fishing, friendship and growing up it's all nostalgia; throw in snippets of romance it will be great reading with a brew or two. It even got shortlisted for a prize in 2010 so it must be good..

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Yesterday I got back from the Lake District after some camping and hiking with some mates, although one of them is a hybrid I'm sure he's part Sherpa part mountain goat;this is a view we digested along the way on our walk the other day. This photo was snapped on my camera phone which I rarely use. Along the way I won some blisters, due to my new boots but as ever we continue...

Thursday, 18 August 2011

From Donny With Love

Well readers I've been up early and finished reading Tracey Emin "My Life In A Column" which was a good read. I've also drawn the above for the cat lovers of this world, personally I'm a dog lover. This little kitty was drawn partly to the sound of From Russia With Love sang by Matt Monro. Personally I think Mr Monro's finest track features at the start of The Italian Job.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


There is a possible 'Survival Weekend' on the horizon for me, I'll say "Survival Weekend" because to remark I'm going camping just sounds like I'll be walking round Donny with a silk crevat on and that's standard for me with a flat cap. What I want to know, do ladies where Lederhosen while hiking round the Lakes while looking for gents to help them with there rucksacks. Trust me I'll be taking a steel flask for a brew...

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

An Education

Well today I had to pop into town [ Doncaster ] and this gent overheard a couple of twenty something ladies talking shop. "If it's over 7 or 8 inches, I'm not playing cos I'm not designed that way". Now having overheard this, the penny only dropped moments later, because I was deep in my own thought process. But you learn something everyday don't you; and before I get letters,texts and emails, 'about average'....... we continue...

Tough Ride

Over the last few days I've been mostly doodling, thinking and reading. I even managed a bike ride where the bolt holding my seat to the seat post snapped; so I had to ride home with no seat stood up. Readers that hurts the legs, when you are miles from home. I've now sorted that problem so the cycling will continue. Got to admit yesterday afternoon it was great weather wise, but I was told we are to expect another bad Winter.

Thursday, 11 August 2011


Here you go; the above is produced after reading Flashman, drinking too much tea and watching too many episodes of Byker Grove as a kid with Geoff in them or whatever his name was. Reet kettle on pronto...


Here you go I saw this great black and white photo of a model named Bev who amazingly is 43. I thought this was a great pose and I've worked up the above. I just liked the shape and angles. Looking at the prospects of today rain is on the agenda. Reet I need a brew and then we continue.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Today I got asked to supply a photo of myself so it could be blown up to A1 proportions to be displayed at a college with other faces and there biographies to inspire young creatives. By eck me an inspiration. But if this working class nugget can do some good everyone can..


At the moment I'm trying to think of things to make me smile. Dave your holiday is over mate; "You have your work cut out, get it sorted Sir..." Get it sorted then I'll take you for a brew and we can compare notes, like my hourly rate and yours and how you earnt yours sorting the chaos.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Reach Out

Well I've been busy doodling and listening to the radio and a assortment of tunes, making the tea and generally behaving. Unlike this cheeky couple above reaching out for one another embarking on some romantic love affair... I should be so bloody lucky!!

Love Better Than Wine..

Another brand new week has kicked off owt can happen. This morning I heard a tune by Stephen "Tintin" Duffy which made me think of drawings I've done years ago. It's funny how pop tunes from the past help me place certain events and happenings. This drawing above is based on a chap I've spotted about doncaster a couple of times recently he has quite a moustache on him..

Thursday, 4 August 2011

A Plan

Well all you college / university leavers seeking there way into the creative world; my advice is simple; "Have a plan; then stick to the plan", good luck and enjoy. Meanwhile despite the rain it's still really humid but we continue...

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Says Goodbye

Well I know this much my dad turned 60 today... I contributed to this great project see Geth and Pete are celebrating and saying goodbye to this great project this month. They have asked some great artists /designers to contribute to it; so you all learn something every day, they kicked it off with Jon Burgerman, But today its my turn.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A Hound Like This

If I ever get another pet dog, he's gonna look like this above. Once again looking out of the window ;the sun is shining over Donny. The dog owners of Doncaster are sure to be walking there four legged friends in the park.


Reading the paper the other day about troubled financial times here and abroad. I read a short article about sales of Lingerie being confident over the last month with a few companies. Hence how I arrived at this drawing above.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Big Idea

Well today; like yesterday I'll be in search of "The Big Idea".. I woke up this morning feeling like an old man my back was creaking; just a reminder I'm getting old I'm sure. But we continue for sure....

Group Show

Well August snook up on me really quick, from today at Newby Hall in North Yorkshire I'm in a group show along with Emily Sutton, Ed Kluz, Jonny Hannah, Sarah Young and Mark Hearld until the 26th of September. I know the next few days are gonna be humid make the most of summer. I also know I need my breakfast at the time of writing this.