Thursday, 9 June 2011

Donny Rovers Mascot

Well me being a Donny lad and a candidate that is always in awe of art direction and images that get talked about in the media; was and is still getting my head round this one. Donny Rovers have sacked there mascot aka Tracy Chandler 40 from Armthorpe who has worked unpaid as there mascot. Why because she posed for some tasteful photos to raise money for charity. Like this one above, the club say she disgraced the club. I could understand perhaps a bit more if Tracy was naked. Disgraced the club I'm not so sure; when there own players did a calendar posing naked. I think she deserves to be reinstated because I'm sure in her job role she makes fans young and old smile. In hindsight I think some of my illustration work is more shocking readers like above.

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