Thursday, 15 July 2010

Tony Whieldon

When I was an A- level Art student back in the mid 90s at Edlington Comp [ Edlo Comp ], I completed an essay on the decline on Sporting Art. For that project I had a trip to Doncaster museum where they dug all these great horse racing paintings by Munnings and thomas rowlandson and others which documented the Doncaster St leger from years and years ago the majority produced before the World Wars. But back then in my teens I used to do some angling I was also a paper lad and it was like a religion to read the Anglers Mail and in particular the illustrated comic strip by Tony Whieldon. It used to be a great double page spread documenting the ups and downs of match man Dave Coster and his hauls of fish and whatever else cropped up and I can still remember the morning sat heart broken and my old mate Alex Sweetman quizzing me what was wrong. They had shrunk the strip to less than half a page. Well being a paper lad I also lived on a diet of Arena magazine, Esquire and indeed GQ magazine aswell as FHM and Mens Health when in there infancy. Well as part of my "Decline of sporting Art" essay I wrote to the Anglers mail. Weeks later one Tony Whieldon phoned me up out of the blue. I think back then I was star struck and struggled to ask him questions. But Tony played a part in my path of becoming an illustrator along with the editorial illustration I digested in the mens magazines, people like Ian Wright, Reggie Pedro, Joe Magee, Kam Tang and Jason Ford among others. Well I purchased the other week an old copy of Anglers Mail Coarse Fishing Year which documents Dave Costers fishing year brilliantly illustrated by the talented Tony Whieldon. It truly is one of my favourite books.

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