Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Here you go readers a little something from my good self conjured up with a brew in one hand.  Good to see the Turner prize has made the papers a mannequin on a toilet with horse shoes and a few other bits. Nice. My image I'm not gonna explain but let it be known I'm hurting inside I do have feelings, I've been listening to easy music, I may have digested a couple of romantic comedy's  over the last few weeks. I'll say No more.

Monday, 29 September 2008


Well readers I was over at Salford university working with third year students at the start of a new academic year they all looked thrilled to be back with the work load stacking up from the start, I look forward to seeing there creative output and watching them all meet there deadlines. I got the feeling a lot of them enjoy a cup of tea there too.

Sunday, 28 September 2008


Tomorrow readers Im back working at Salford University with third years on the BA [hons] Graphic design programme with there Applied Visual practice module on Mondays only till christmas. 

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Credit Crunch Saviour

Readers this is the man in his Credit Crunch outfit that will sort the world economy and then some forget all world leaders this is the man to turn it around. He just needs a brew first.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Brighton Rock

Yesterday readers the man from Doncaster discovered Brighton for the first time. I like it readers they have a Lego store for starters nuff said. Today I fear I'm developing a cold. More on Brighton soon.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Well readers today I've completed an illustration for the Guardian I got to include Cheerleader's which you will be able to see in tomorrow's sport section. I reckon this lad has downgraded that newspaper. Reet I need a brew its been eventful today.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Seen In

I've learnt today through Facebook via Sir David Whyte he spotted someone down in London village a while back in one of my Tee's available from Super Superficial. I thought only one had been sold it was me who had bought it.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Rumour Has It?

Word on the street Al heighton has gone and joined a crazy social networking site called Facebook he's sold out? its all downhill from this point. But its still a lot of fun on this blogspot, reet I need a brew.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Back Home

Today I've finally returned home me holiday is over is back to work readers till the next holiday. Reet Kettle on  I need a brew.

Friday, 19 September 2008

The North West

On returning from NYC I've visited Blackpool and used a bank machine for little people,walked to pleasure beach,visited St. Anne's. I've visited "WallyOaks" land aka Chester in the rain ate sarnies in the rain drank a brew in the rain, its very beautiful there. Dicovered the Lady Lever Art gallery in the Wirral. Yes readers the people of the Wirral let this lad from Donny into its borders? The Lady Lever Art gallery houses the biggest collection of wedgwood ever and some gear which featured on episodes of Lovejoy with Ian Mcshane or I could have made that last bit up. Plus it does a nice brew there in a shakespearean ye olde tea room that bit is True? I've woke up one morning and joined a Mega Bank without doing any paper work. Howard, call round mine for a brew we shall talk about your career paths now I'll make the Tea. I took part in a pub quiz at the Common in the Northern Quarter in Manchester our team came second and walked away with beers, a toy mobile phone and one pink cowboy hat to match my western shirt which makes me look like an extra from Brokeback Mountain. I even did some doodles, Even visited the cinema to watch a gangster flick and eat in an establishment which served Pizza and diet cola and talk dialogue of NYC "Now that's Magic"?

Transatlantic Baby!

NYC was amazing; art galleries, irish bars, pretty ladies, dawgs, cawfee, blueberry pie,5th avenue,american football,apple pie,sneakers,poland springs, central park, joggers,comic book stores,wraps,smoothies,broadway,toys,coldplay,subway even a romantic movie on the flight over there? and more. I bought and wore one Tee which caused people to think I was from Miami. Miami eh? I want to visit "hell Yeah". If only to meet eccentric comic book store owners and check the fashion on Miami beach.

Monday, 8 September 2008

On Holiday 8th -20th

Hi Readers Im on holiday from the 8th -20th of September I shall be having a few days in New York, digesting Art galleries,Culture, donuts [ maybe! ], shops,bars and restaurants. Who knows I could find the love of my life in NYC it would be like that channel 4 show a few years back NY-LON. Where the chap travels from London to New York every weekend. We could call it NY-DON, yep I'll travel from Doncaster [ Donny] every week to go meet my senorita [ I wish?]. On returning from NYC I've planned some excursion's in the North West. No worries I shall be taking the sketchbook. Be sure to enjoy the Tour of Britain this week.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

The X factor

Dear Barbara! its X factor audition time again innit? Pictured above is 22 year old, William Fox Smith who's sacrificed a lunch break with the tarmac crew to show Simon Cowell, Louis, Danni and Cheryl what talent he has got.William explained to Dermot "I got fired from my Canary Wharf financial job for regularly singing old Wham numbers in board meetings four months ago", William went on "The final straw which clinched his sacking at a top Canary Wharf office was the singing and dance routine he put together for the Lighthouse family hit 'Lifted' it was at the annual AGM". Asking about his employment now Dermot learnt William had took a part time job with a Tarmac crew where his duties involved doing the sarnie run and making the tea. William continued about his upbringing "Things got really bad for me after passing my driving licence and having being bought a Ferrari, his dad gave him grief", William explained " Yes Dad would make me rise early in the morning at 8.30am and make me move my Ferrari, so dad could get the Bentley out the drive so he could go to work, this ordeal went on till I moved out Dermot last week" he went on "I've traded the Ferrari for an Audi to make the move". Dermot looked pained "this is terrible", shakes his head to the camera. Asking William can you win the X Factor. William nods its "Shit or Bust" he enters the room to face Simon Cowell for his audtion.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Tour Of Britain

Sunday the 7th the Tour of Britain starts which should be interesting. Good luck to all the riders over the next week. I look forward to some funny dialogue from Liggett doing the commentary on the ITV4 highlight show over the next couple of days.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Sure Did Rain Today?

It sure did rain today I got soaked going out on my bike in the evening cycling. But it's all good fun I'm sure. More cycling tomoz is on the cards for me tomorrow early morning in the dark in the rain I'm sure.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Wendell Baker Story

Readers check the movie "The Wendell Baker Story" I loved this film with Luke Wilson [ Old School] who plays Wendell Baker a dreamer whose latest scam lands him in jail, losing his long-term girlfriend [ Eva Mendes - Hitch]. Determined to make the most of his time behind bars, Wendell vows to turn his life around. Upon release he gets a job at a retirement hotel makes new friends who help him win back his girlfriend. This film is funny in my book I just haven't heard people talk about it.

Double Act

Check this double act out they just love performing to an audience who want to watch this duo.


Well today its my sisters birthday "Happy Birthday Jen" just thought I'd mention you on my blog, its not raining outside at the time of writing. But I've heard there is to be a massive downpour over the next two days. I'm one day closer to my NYC trip. Reet I need a cup of tea.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Big Beak

Here you go readers I've drawn this little fella up. Looking out my window its raining again. Thnak goodness I dodged the rain on my early morning bike ride I just had the rain to battle against.

Ice and Snow

Yesterday evening I took a walk out to the shops getting soaked in a sudden downpour of rain, but I bumped into an old school mate goes by the name Scoph he's a snowboarder spends much time in deepest Europe getting paid to snowboard for a living and avoids getting a proper job sounds good to me. He also draws and paints he's a Cool Kat. I've linked him onto my mates section read more about him.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Here is a abstract figure I've drawn up from an inky drawing I produced a few weeks back after seeing a jogger with bouncey bits.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Little Dude

Here is a little dude in a hat that I've drawn up, complete with pink footwear. He loves fine food and cake. Reet I need a brew.

The Beach

One day readers I will get that beach holiday where; I will stroll down a beach like this one pictured; with a loved one maybe a tanned brunette she'd be wearing the latest bikini from some trendy boutique. I'll be in my olive green shorts, oxford blue shirt and straw hat,crevat and shades. Maybe drinking something tropical with a blend of pineapple, mango and some ice.


This morning as I turned my calendar over to reveal another new month and another photograph of  a WAG to some footballer, Peter Crouch I think. I felt a chill in the air and I saw a few leaves fall from the view out my window and at least one person wearing Berry tones I even saw a Robin which conjured up thoughts of the festive season which is kicking off in the stores. All the thoughts of Autumn being on route made me think of all these eager students starting a brand new academic year armed with a new pencil case, ipod and books; teachers feeling refreshed after there holidays counting the days to the next holiday. Scrap those thoughts I need a brew? See the painting above a new work by Dylan lisle who's been mentioned before on this blog. Go on commission him to paint a loved one in your life.