Thursday, 26 June 2008


When I was encouraged to start my blog by my good mate Dan, never did I think, I'd write about Judith Chalmers pants or lack of them. Chalmers the presenter of Wish You Were Here the holiday programme that for 30 years told middle England where to visit and stay in the world and enjoy. Well this week Chalmers told Graham Norton that she did'nt wear pants on camera! "So what" I said, but reading the Guardian today it's stirred Tanya Gold "knickers are a window to the soul", she writes about her mate Joceyln who wears little pants. Tanya writes, They say:Maybe no,and maybe yes.Come back later and the latch maybe off. And what do no pants say? They say:"Come in and have a snack, all meals are served in five minutes" he, he I've learnt today through her article that British women have a split personality about underwear put simple women have two drawers for there drawers; one for when there vaginas go out, and one for when they stay home and mope. Thank goodness readers Ive learnt that today hmmmmmmm; but to quote a chap who annoyed me when I overheard him in conversation  [one of them boring types who thinks he's cool with a personality, but does'nt know style if it hit him] "So What!"

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